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CRUK Member Details

Name Role Institution Email
Andrew Biankin Lead-Investigator/Steeting Group University of Glasgow Andrew.Biankin@glasgow.ac.uk
David Chang Joint Lead Investigator/Steering Group University of Glasgow David.Chang@glasgow.ac.uk
Jeff Evans Joint Lead Investigator/Steering Group Beatson Institute for Cancer Research j.evans@beatson.gla.ac.uk
Owen Sansom Joint Lead Investigator/Steering Group Beatson Institute for Cancer Research o.sansom@beatson.gla.ac.uk
Juan Valle Joint Lead Investigator/Steering Group The Christie Juan.Valle@christie.nhs.uk
Peter Bailey Co-Investigator University of Glasgow Peter.Bailey.2@glasgow.ac.uk
Bristi Basu Co-Investigator CRUK Cambridge Institute Bristi.Basu@cruk.cam.ac.uk
Ged Brady Co-Investigator CRUK Manchester Institute Ged.Brady@cruk.manchester.ac.uk
Susie Cooke Co-Investigator/Steering Group University of Glasgow Susie.Cooke@glasgow.ac.uk
Caroline Dive Co-Investigator/Steering Group CRUK Manchester Institute Caroline.Dive@manchester.ac.uk
Judith Dixon Clincial Project Manager CRUK Glasgow CTU Judith.Dixon@glasgow.ac.uk
Fraser Duthie Co-Investigator NHS GGC Fraser.Duthie@glasgow.ac.uk or Fraser.Duthie@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Janet Graham Co-Investigator Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Janet.Graham@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Derek Grose Co-Investigator NHS GGC Derek.Grose@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Nigel Jamieson Co-Investigator Glasgow Royal Infirmary Nigel.Jamieson@glasgow.ac.uk
Duncan Jodrell Co-Investigator/Steering Group CRUK Cambridge Institute Duncan.Jodrell@cruk.cam.ac.uk
Claus Jorgensen Co-Investigator/Steering Group CRUK Manchester Institute Claus.Jorgensen@cruk.manchester.ac.uk
Chris Lord Co-Investigator/Steering Group Institute of Cancer Research Chris.Lord@icr.ac.uk
Sancha Martin Project Manager/Steering Group University of Glasgow sancha.martin@glasgow.ac.uk
Colin McKay Co-Investigator/Steering Group Glasgow Royal Infirmary Colin.McKay@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Mairead McNamara Co-Investigator The Christie Mairead.McNamara@christie.nhs.uk
Jennifer Morton Co-Investigator Beatson Institute for Cancer Research j.morton@beatson.gla.ac.uk
Eric O’Neill Co-Investigator/Steering Group CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology eric.oneill@oncology.ox.ac.uk
Derek O’Reilly Co-Investigator Manchester Royal Infirmary /University of Manchester Derek.O’Reilly@cmft.nhs.uk
James Paul Co-Investigator/Steering Group CRUK Glasgow CTU James.Paul@glasgow.ac.uk