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PRECISION-Panc researchers have been working to understand pancreatic cancer in more detail for many years.  Each researcher has their own specialist areas of interest.
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Simply put, we want to help pancreatic cancer patients, and their doctors, to find and understand accurate and reliable information about that specific patient's cancer that could help them to decide what the most suitable type of treatment is.

Our latest research study, which was co-led by Professor Andrew Biankin and was recently published in Nature, demonstrates that pancreatic cancer can be classified into four subtypes - each of which may require a different therapeutic approach.  This shows that understanding the molecular differences between the pancreatic cancer in one patient and another is vital when considering what the most suitable therapeutic option is.

We also carry out a wide range of basic and translational research studies to help us generally improve our understanding of how pancreatic cancer behaves and grows.  Over the coming weeks we will post more details of our projects so you can follow our activities and understand how we are working actively to fight pancreatic cancer.

Currently, we are implementing our strategies and thoroughly testing our pipelines and processes to allow us to help patients.  Our experienced team of clinicians, researchers, bioinformaticians and lab staff work tirelessly with one thing in mind: improving patient outcomes.