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“Finding the trial for the patient, rather than the patient for the trial”

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The Precision-Panc Master Protocol is a “portal” protocol for patients with known or suspected pancreatic cancer to be accrued through multiple centres in the UK, with the option of being subsequently enrolled into PRIMUS (Pancreatic canceR Individualised Multi-arm Umbrella Study) examining different treatment regimens and/or biomarker development.

Eligible patients will undergo tumour biopsy and blood collection prospectively for molecular profiling at a central laboratory and the results may be used to inform enrolment to PRIMUS studies.

The overall aim of this research study is to improve the outcomes of patients with pancreatic cancer. It is designed to achieve this by studying of the make up of the cancer, in order to find out what the most effective treatment for each individual patient might be. It also aims to learn more about when, how and why people develop pancreatic cancer. We also hope to be able to predict which people are at risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

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The Precision Panc platform is open to recruitment at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre only at this time.  Patients based in or around Glasgow who are interested in participating in the study must be willing and able to under go a biopsy as part of the study. We recommend that you discuss options with your treating clinician in the first instance.

Further sites are expected to open in 2018 and details of these sites will be listed here as they become available.

If you would like to find out more about us, please contact us with your questions.